Aquaboggan Water Park

Aquaboggan Water Park has been Maine’s original water park for over 35 years. Attractions are available for every age and every camper. Your group can hurtle down the Totally Tubular twisty slide, plunge into a refreshing pool from the steep Turbo Drop, fly down a 45-foot tall hydro half pipe, bounce into each other in the Bumpin’ Boats, splash in a Giant Wave Pool, and much more! A few fun activities on dry land include a miniature golf course and a Grand Prix go-cart raceway for your older campers. Groups of 25+ receive special savings when booking a trip in advance. No charge for chaperones.
Contact Info
Address: 980 Portland Rd., Saco, ME 04072. York County. Tel: 207-282-3112. Email: Website: Hrs: Mon.-Sun. 10AM-6PM.
Trip Info  
Grade Level: All grades. Activity Type: Day Trips, Self-Guided Activities. Recomm. Length of Visit: 3+ hours. Cost: Fee. 

Amusement Parks Fun Facts

Which horses on a carousel move the fastest: the ones on the inside or the ones on the outside? Does a roller coaster have an engine? How does the car stay on the track when it goes upside down around a loop? Which passenger travels the farthest on the pirate ship ride – the one seated in the center or the one seated on the end?

Amusement park rides can provide a fun glimpse into the physics needed to make them work. Next time you visit a theme park, ask the staff if they have any materials to help your campers to understand the science behind the rides. They will find that physics can be pretty amusing!