Water Mill Museum

The Water Mill Museum, dating back to 1644, is one of the oldest historic commercial buildings on Long Island. Tour the Water Mill and the Corinth Windmill, as well as learn the history of the area. Visitors will see how corn is ground at the water-powered grist mill and learn about ice harvesting. At the windmill, educators teach groups about how wind power is utilized, and along the edge of Mill Creek, groups can view the Native Plant Garden.
Contact Info
Address: 41 Old Mill Road, Water Mill, NY 11976. Suffolk County. Tel: 631-726-4625. Website: www.watermillmuseum.org. Hrs: Thurs.-Mon. 11AM-5PM, Sun. 1PM-5PM. 
Trip Info
Grade Level: K-12th. Activity Type: Day Trips, Guided Tours. Recomm. Length of Visit: 2 hours. Cost: Free.