Paley Center for Media

Explore the media industry at the Paley Center for Media’s New York location. With a collection of more than 160,000 radio and television programs, the center is able to offer private theater screenings of news broadcasts, documentaries, variety shows, commercials, and much more. Collection highlights include episodes of I Love Lucy, Jim Henson & the Muppets, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, and others. Educational workshops and classes allow groups to visualize and investigate topics such as civil rights, advertising, culture, and the environment using programs from the collection. Activities include making puppets, analyzing documentaries, and discussing environmental problems.
Contact Info
Address: 25 West 52 Street, New York, NY 10019. New York County. Tel: 212-621-6616. Website: Hrs: By appointment.
Trip Info
Grade Level: K-College. Activity Type: Day Trips, Guided Activities. Recomm. Length of Visit: 1.5 hours. Cost: Fee.