Pick a squad team and prepare for an adrenaline pumping tactical laser tag experience at iCOMBAT in Aurora, Illinois. Groups will don realistic laser tag military gear and participate in live missions with their squad teams that involve real-life scenarios, environmental noise, lighting, sand, dust, and more. State-of-the-art software displays real time scoring and rankings as groups become immersed in the action on the battlefield. Equipment includes a wireless adjustable sensory irHeadband, replicas of M4 assault rifles, and a SmartMag to keep track of ammunition. Missions focus on strategy, accuracy, teamwork, and survival. Bookings for groups are available during non-public hours. Call to reserve or book online.
For more information on iCombat missions, visit www.42fear.com/icombat-aurora/#missions.
Contact Info
Address: 42 W. New York St., Aurora, IL 60506. Kane County. Tel: 630-896-2466. Email: basementofthedead@gmail.com. Website: www.42fear.com/icombat-aurora. Hrs: Vary.  Contact: basementofthedead@gmail.com
Trip Info 
Grade Level: 7th-12th. Activity: Day Trips, Guided Activities, Self-Guided Activities. Recomm. Length of Visit: 1.5 hours. Cost: Fee.  

Laser Tag Fun Facts

The idea for laser tag was born when creator George Carter III was watching a battle scene in the film Star Wars. What we once thought of as far-fetched future technology is now a widely played game.

When firing a “shot” in laser tag, what you see is a laser beam, which is for effect only. What scores the actual hit or tag on your opponent is usually an infrared signal, similar to the signal used to change the channel from your television remote control.

When you take your campers to a laser tag venue, ask the staff if they can explain the technology behind the game.