Yorktown Sailing Charters

Embark on a history-filled adventure with Yorktown Sailing Charters, located at Riverwalk Landing Pier in Virginia’s Historic Triangle. Groups can enjoy Historic Yorktown Cruises aboard the Schooner Alliance or Schooner Serenity. The crew on board will narrate the cruise as groups sail past the Yorktown Battlefield, Victory Monument, and more. Groups may spot dolphins in the York River, see naval ships, and even help set sail! On Wednesday afternoons in May, a scientist from the VA Institute of Marine Science comes aboard to talk about river science and help groups take samples from the York River for observation. Themed charters include Environmental, History, or the Age of Sail. Group discounts are available.
Contact Info
GPS Address: 425 Water St., Yorktown, VA 23690. York County. Tel: 757-639-1233. Email: info@sailyorktown.com. Website: www.sailyorktown.com. Hrs: Daily 9AM-9PM. Contact: Laura.
Trip Info
Grade Level: All grades. Activity Type: Day Trips, Guided Tours. Recomm. Length of Visit: 2 hours. Cost: Fee.

Boat Excursions Fun Facts

Did you know a boat can be built out of concrete and it will still float? As long as a boat is lighter than the water it displaces, it will stay above water.

What makes a boat move through the water? Throughout history, boats have been powered by wind, propellers, oars, motors, paddles, and ocean and river currents. Sailboats, which have been around for 5,000 years, can reach speeds of over 47 knots (about 54 mph) from wind power alone!

The next time you take your campers on a boat, ask the crew how the boat’s construction helps it transport people and things across bodies of water, and what power sources it uses.