Huntington Park Rose Garden

The Huntington Park Rose Garden came to be in 1970 after city officials decided that a city the size of Newport News ought to have a rose garden. The garden’s first plants were mainly hybrid tea and grandiflora roses, which were chosen because of their sturdiness and ability to adapt. The garden expanded in 1975 to include Williamsburg mayor Dr. Henry M. Stryker’s prized roses, a donation to the park after he died in 1974. Today the garden is a bright scene of nature’s flowerful gifts, which include 74 varieties of roses such as floribundas and climbers. Groups will enjoy an informational tour of the garden as they learn all about roses from the landscape services staff.
Contact Info 
Address: Huntington Park, Riverpark Rd., Newport News, VA 23607. City of Newport News. Tel: 757-591-4844. Website: Hrs: Sunrise-sunset.
Trip Info 
Grade Level: All grades. Activity Type: Day Trips, Guided Tours, Self-Guided Tours. Recomm. Length of Visit: Varies. Cost: Free/Fee.

Botanical Gardens Fun Facts

Bamboo can grow over three feet in one day (you can literally watch it grow).

There are 600 species of carnivorous plants, which trap and digest insects, frogs, or small birds (if a vegetarian eats this plant, are they still a vegetarian?)

The world’s largest flower, Rafflesia, can grow up to three feet in diameter (have campers figure out how big a bouquet would be).

The diverse world of plants is perhaps the weirdest, and most fascinating, of all living things. A guided tour can help your campers discover interesting plant facts.