Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

See the United State’s economy come to life at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Group will be led by an economic education specialist as they learn about the three main functions of the Fed, as well as their role in the growth of living standards and price stability. Understand how innovations benefit individuals and society. Exhibits allow campers to see how their choices affect the market economy, and how the economy affects their choices! Groups will even be able to role-play as buyers and sellers to help them understand how prices are set in the market. 
Contact Info:
Address: 701 East Byrd Street, Richmond, VA, 23219. Henrico County. Tel: 804-697-8000. Web: www.thefedexperience.org. Email: thefedexperience@rich.frb.org. Hrs: Mon.-Fri. 9AM-4PM. 
Trip Info:
Grade Level: 5th-9th. Activity Type: Guided Activities, Guided Tours. Recomm. Length of Visit: 1-2 hours. Cost: Free.

Behind The Scene Tours Fun Facts

Ever wonder what goes on behind the cameras of a news program or a sporting event? Ever wonder how the animals and fossils are prepared and created for the life-like exhibits at museums? Ever wonder what it’s like for people to work so closely to wild animals behind the bars and inside of their cages at the zoo? Ever wonder how the scenery and actors’ costumes change so quickly during theatrical performances?

A behind the scenes tour can allow you catch a glimpse of the inner-workings and the people you don’t see on television, in the museum, at the zoo, or on stage. Be prepared to ask a lot of questions and to respond with a lot of “Ah-ha’s.”