Jim Cherry Memorial Planetarium

Visit the Jim Cherry Memorial Planetarium, and explore the night sky! The youngest campers will discover the sun, stars, and big dipper with their Sesame Street friends. Five year old campers will explore the magical, musical world of atoms and molecules, and six and seven year old campers will learn about the wonders of the moon, as well as Native American stories. Eight year olds will have to hang on for a roller-coaster-like ride through canyons of raging rivers and hot flowing lava! Nine year olds will experience the most powerful storms on earth, while ten and eleven year olds will learn about meteors and meteorites, as well as results from recent NASA missions. 

Contact Info
Address: 156 Heaton Park Drive, Atlanta, GA 30307. DeKalb County. Tel: 678-847-7113. Website: www.fernbank.eduHrs: Mon.-Fri. 9:30AM-1:30PM. 

Trip Info
Grade Level: Pre-k-6th. Activity Type: Guided Activities. Recomm. Length of Visit: 45 minutes. Cost: Free. 

Indoor Entertainment - Arcades Fun Facts

Have campers take a (quick) break from the fun on the next trip to an indoor amusement center, and have them think about the design and day-to-day operations of the venue. How is it designed and laid out? What games and features (batting cages, arcade games, redemption games) go where, and why? Have them take a look around at how many people are there enjoying themselves; what is the maximum number of occupants, and why? How does the management go about heating and cooling the venue at different times of the year?

Speak to the staff about these questions; learn the "why" behind how things are arranged, and consider the role of safety. Relate this to how things are organized and what the rules are back at the camp.