George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Marvel at the neoclassical monument dedicated to George Washington—a Mason and the Father of our country. A national landmark as of August 2015, The George Washington Masonic National Memorial was designed to look like the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria in Egypt. The memorial is built entirely of masonry with very little metal included in its structure. Tours allow groups to see the first floor, second floor, tower, and observation deck. Objects on display include items from Washington’s participation in the U.S. Capitol cornerstone ceremony and exhibits in the tower allow groups to learn about freemasonry, Egyptian art, and religion.
Contact Info 
Address: 101 Callahan Dr., Alexandria, Virginia 22301. City of Alexandria. Tel: 703-683-2007. Email: Website: Hrs: Daily, 9AM-5PM.  
Trip Info 
Grade Level: All grades. Activity Type: Day Trips, Guided Tours. Recomm. Length of Visit: 1 hour. Cost: Fee.