Crescent Farms

During the summer, your camp group can visit the hay fields to watch as bales of hay are harvested. This trip leaves the farm stand on a hay wagon pulled by a John Deere tractor. A tour guide will show and explain about the equipment that is used to produce a bale of hay. Campers will then watch the hay baler in action. Next, your camp group can go to the picnic area to eat their bagged lunches, while viewing some of the animals on the farm, including cows, goats, ducks, and sheep. When lunch is over, they can have some ice cream. 

Contact Info
Address: 140 Willow Ave., Haverhill, MA 01835. Essex County. Tel: 978-914-3158. Website: Hrs: 8AM-8PM, by reservation only. Contact: 978-914-3158.

Trip Info
Grade Level: PreK-5th. Activity Type: Day Trips, Guided Tours, Guided Activities. Recomm. Length of Visit: Varies. Cost: Contact us for information.