Rock Spot Climbing

Rock climbing builds strength and confidence, and Rock Spot Climbing offers you a climate-controlled safe environment where campers can explore the sport. We’ll provide all the climbing gear and belayers, or we can instruct your teachers on holding the ropes. We can accommodate groups up to 100 at a time, with a minimum of just 4. Climbing for all ages, all abilities. We also offer belay instruction (age 14+), autobelays (no rope holder necessary), and team-building programs. Take your field trip to the next level and schedule an overnight at Rock Spot.  
Contact Info 
Address: RI Locations: 100 Higginson Ave., Lincoln, RI 02865. Providence County. Tel: 401-727-1704; 1174 Kingstown Rod. South Kingston, RI 02879. Washington County. Tel: 401-789-7768. MA Locations: 67 Sprague St., Boston, MA 02136. 30 Old Colony Rd., Boston, MA 02127. Suffolk County. Tel: 617-269-2084. Fax: 401-727-4447. Email: Website: Hrs: Daily 10AM-Midnight. Large groups should inquire about earlier opening. Contact: Kat Waterhouse.
Trip Info 
Grade Level: All grades. Activity Type: Day Trips, Overnight Trips, Self-Guided Activities, Guided Activities. Recomm. Length of Visit: 2 hours. Cost: Starting at $18/child, varies based on group size, time, and program.  

Climbing Walls Fun Facts

The first climbing wall was invented in Great Britain in 1964 by Don Robinson, a physical education professor. Today, climbing walls are growing in popularity, especially in urban areas because climbing walls provide an opportunity for “rock climbing” without having access to actual outdoor rocks and mountains.

These rock walls aren’t all the same. Ask the staff about the different types of walls and the different muscles you utilize when climbing the wall. Experiment with different strategies for getting up the wall.