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Performing Arts/Shows : Music

Bash the Trash

Bash The Trash combines science and the arts into a musical extravaganza where the instruments are all made from trash! Our events help educate your campers on the environment and recycling in a fun, unusual, and creative way. 914-478-1103. Regions Served: Nationwide.

Egyptian Celebration Company

Yasser Darwish founded the Egyptian Celebration Company in 2001. Our goal: to present the rich culture of Egypt and the Middle East to people around the world. 917-355-6710. Regions Served: Nationwide.

Kulu Mele African Dance & Drum Ensemble

Offers a wide range of workshops in African Diaspora dance and music, from single session participatory programs to lecture demonstrations. 267-252-6366. Regions Served: Nationwide.

Mark Shepard’s DrumSongStory™

Mark Shepard’s DrumSongStory™ is appropriate for all ages and can be tailored to serve a wide range of themes and topics. Mark Shepard is a multi-disciplinary performing and teaching artist who uses drums, songs & stories to interactively engage, entertain & educate audiences. 888-598-7709. Regions Served: Connecticut.

Night Heron Music

We believe music and the arts can touch us deeply as individuals and draw us together as communities. We offer performances and workshops that can bring magic into your camp. 603-464-4321. Regions Served: Nationwide.

Penny and the Puppettes

Penny And The Puppettes is a live, interactive, musical-comedy puppet show designed for kids ages 1-8. Featuring the singing of NYU musical theatre graduates, Penny & the Puppettes brings a genuine theater experience to your camp. 917-474-9364. Regions Served: New York City.

The Jazz Assembly

The Jazz Assembly presents the complexities of jazz music in a fun, entertaining, interactive, and instructive way. For example: using familiar songs and lyrics to exemplify styles of improvisation, then inviting volunteers to demonstrate their newly acquired skill on-stage, live with the trio playing behind them! 917-697-0585. Regions Served: Nationwide.